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Kaj patted me on the shoulder. Sir didn't write back to Kirk. Did you eat at home before you came here? I am getting weaker and weaker! I work too much in order to achieve my goals. You must teach me what you know. Kristi has a cousin named Bob. He has already learnt more languages than I will have learnt, if I should reach the age of ninety. And there is still a long way to go! I still don't know what will be more difficult: learning or surviving. Have you finished breakfast yet? Will Doug be allowed to go camping with the other children?

Am I a boy or a girl? Who cares? He likes anyone even if that person has a fault. It's about thirty yards ahead. Three pedestrians were victims of an accident.

Eva was extremely fast. I never listen to Gerald anyway. Elias was afraid of being laughed at. The child died from an asthma attack because the school didn't allow him to carry his inhaler with him. Explain to me how that could happen. I think I'm going to pass this class. Barclays manipulated Libor.

How much is this watch? I'm angry! The tar won't come off. I'm going to have to take this skirt to the dry cleaner. The suspect is a caucasian female.

Susie's mother is a most beautiful woman. Douglas pretended that it didn't matter to him that Denis was going out with John.

I never really trusted him. I will return your book on Tuesday if I have finished it. Jody looks as if she had seen a ghost. We can't do that now. I'm sorry, I have no idea. He sees everything in terms of money.

If you cut class or wouldn't surprise you if it showed up on your report card, would it?

You don't have to think you aren't going to make it just because others have failed. Don't skip classes, okay? Ralph and Venkata were completely alone. What shall we do today? He went into the next room and lay down. What is this thing used for? The vase was smashed. The boss called Jim into his office and gave him his pink slip. You like olives, don't you? There's no need to fight.

We have to be careful with expenses. Revised is an expert watchmaker. The hedge clippers and weed whacker are in the garage. The age of chivalry is gone. Could you please give this to Ricky? Jacobson is one of the few people I can trust. Reinhard is one of the prettiest girls in the whole school. Despite that, she's never had a boyfriend. Jefferson declared that human beings possess unalienable rights. I told Israel we'd be in Boston by 2:30 on Monday. Lee did everything for me.

It was good to feel like one of the group, because my blond hair and 185 cm height already made me stand out. We were on a plane flying to Boston at that time. He was given up for dead. Self-praise is no recommendation. Are you giving me another chance?

Roxane hasn't found Tricia yet. Little Vasilissa grieved greatly for her mother, and her sorrow was so deep that when the dark night came, she lay in her bed and wept and did not sleep. Where did he see action? Dan didn't even remove the sticker. Did Pieter say when he'd arrive? A contented mind is a perpetual feast. Miki is as happy as we've ever seen him.

That's not the way I see it. The grass is always greener on the side that's watered. Elsa didn't see Susan anywhere. What's your room number? Come closer to me.

Did you speak? I don't want to read anything. I would like to share a short story with you. Someone turned me in.